PerfeHair – Another Scam Site

This is a Perfehair wig review. ( apparently they also operate under several different names. We wigs, life wigs and MyBestWig). After receiving this hair, I thought I really needed to do a review. This wig is from a China, not a UK based company. This company claims to be selling human hair and wigs at a bargain price. I would advise anyone to watch my review first before making any purchase. I was given an update that this company also operates under the name we wigs, sigh! They must have a target to become millionaires by Christmas because they are working extremely hard coning people.
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Please share your experience with PerfeHair and help others to prevent being scammed.

One thought on “PerfeHair – Another Scam Site

  1. I bought two wigs at one time thinking I was getting a good deal. The advertising was just very tempting. I waited about a month. Then I got a email stating that they were ready to ship it. I told them that I did not want them and to cancel my order. They never responded. I month later, I received them. I ordered a deep wave 22 inch 360 and a straight 22 inch 360. When I opened the package. One was a curly Afro with no lace. One like you buy at a costume store. The other was straight wig 22 inches with no lace and a white part. Like they sewn paper underneath. Boy oh boy was I pissed!!!!😡😡😡. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!! They are a scam!


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