This blog “Wigs – Scam Alert” was started in an effort to protect the consumer from being taken advantage of!

Wigs is a very personal and important purchase in a woman’s or men’s life.  It is not always an easy task and to have these Chinese web sites pop up just to take advantage of this need is shameful.

We are a group of affected consumers who have had enough of being stolen, scammed and want to help alert others from these fraudulent activities.

This blog will feature real people just like us who were taken for money in trying to get what they thought were legitimate and well made products.


If you have experienced being ripped-off by one of the many Chinese sites on the internet posing as legit US, Canadian or UK sites… please let us know!

To avoid being a victim of fraud when buying wigs online, you may want to buy from authorized retailers only. View authorized wig distributor list.

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  2. This website helps to get the word out about this fraudulent Wigsis website. It needs to be brought under criminal charges and a lawsuit.


  3. I wish that I had seen this before I purchased from Wigis. I at first received a wig that way human hair but rather purple…not what I ordered and it was frizzy. I sent it back and ordered one that was not human hair. It just arrived. It is the correct color and not frizzy. It is not the correct style and had no instructions, I emailed back with washing instructions. The reply was not to wash it because it would loose its’ curl. Also no heat beyond 100 degrees. All of this was 180 degrees opposite of the ad.


  4. I placed an order for 3 wigs from PerfeHair and never received a notice that it was mailed, no tracking number, and when you reach out by email they don’t respond!

    Just lost money and I’m kinda pissed 😠 should have known it was too good to be true 😡


  5. wigprofessionals.com – another scam site!

    I wish I had seen your scam alert before buying three wigs from them. What I received looked nothing like what I ordered, and the quality was worse than what I’ve bought for Halloween costumes. I received a response right away when I emailed them to say I wanted to return the wigs. They requested I send a photo and of each wig and its barcode, along with the tracking number on the package, which I did immediately…then nothing.


  6. RocyWig is another Chinese scam company. The wigs I received was nothing like the ones I ordered. I tried contacting them several times and never gotten a reply.


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