– Scam or legit?


A new wig shopping site called “Big Big Wig” has been recently discovered, claiming they are US owned and registered in Indiana. Looks like another Chinese knock-off site, especially knowing that the stole content from Beauty & Hair, their entire “New To Wigs” section was copied, not a unique word of wisdom was created by BIGBIGWIG. Its sad that these Chinese companies believe its okay to rip-off content and photos from other legit web sites.

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From Ashley Wilfoung | 1 star: Bad | Jan 29, 2020
These wigs are NOT lace and are NOT as pictured. Do not purchase from them I should’ve listened to other reviewers.

From Pretty Girl | 1 star: Bad | Jan 24, 2020
Don’t BUY!!! Cheap wigs. I ordered two wigs thinking they would be like the product they show on the website, the length was shorter and the FAKENESS was real!!!! So disappointed in this company!!!! Don’t buy from them, even if they offer a great deal!! Their product sucks!!!!!!!

Wasted too much money on a product I wouldn’t even wipe my butt with!!!!!!!

From Marsha Braun | 1 star: Bad | Jan 24, 2020
Do not buy from this company, I have purchased 3 wigs that I never receive on order 11129 I have sent 3 emails with no response, They take you money and then ignore you, and there is no phone number to actually speak to some one They have taken over $100 from a disabled woman, and they don`t give a damn

From Tanika Martin | 1 star: Bad | Jan 24, 2020
Dont never order from this site it’s a scam not a lace front just a regular wig they dont respond back to you imma report to BBB ASAP

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