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Rene D. about WigsBuy

This is one of the worst sites I have ever been to. It is all a shell game. They make the wigs which have nothing to do with how they look. I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON 3 WIGS. Only one I might be able to use.The wigs were too small. THIS SITE HAD NO AFFILIATION WITH Raquel Welch Wigs but it made it looked like it did. I realized when they came in plain plastic bags no name on them…Wigsbuy is basically a fake site it is run from China you can not get anyone on the phone. I called the phone number which is in Xian China…I am so upset with myself for not recognizing it..please heed what I am sharing.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy a wig from a site that is off shore in China and checkout they have no name brand wigs it is disguised like they do… they use pictures of actresses implying the wigs will look like that.  See list of authorized US wig e-tailers.

Source: SiteJabber.com

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I am usually not one to complain about customer service, but . . . | about WigsBUY.com

in this circumstance I am extremely dissatisfied.

I ordered a wig on wigsbuy.com on 10/13/14 and paid for two day shipping as I wanted the wig sooner than later so I could try it on and make sure it worked for my costume. I paid a total of $61.99 for the wig plus $25 shipping to get it here.
I emailed the customer service email address on 10/23/14 and stated I no longer wanted the wig as I had changed my costume and no longer needed it and wanted to save them the money to ship it hoping for a full refund.
I received a reply on 10/24/14 stating that they just finished “Custom Making” my wig…? I then received a call at 10:30 that night from a woman who barely spoke english telling me she was shipping the wig even though I didn’t want it. She offered a $10 refund and when I said no, she said “Ok. I ship anyway. We just finish making and very sad you don’t want” So I figured when I received the wig I would just ship it back. I was wrong.
It arrived on 10/27/14. WAY more than two days from the original purchase date of 10/13/14.
When I opened the box for the wig the packing slip stated it was worth $19. So I did a little research online and found that the wig was actually only worth $19 and was synthetic…not a $62 wig.
I emailed their customer service stating I wanted to return the wig. The conversation went as follows:

“Thank you for your shopping WigsBuy.com.
Can you tell us why you want to return it back?what’s wrong with the wig you received?
Any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.
Best wishes”

I replied: “I don’t want the wig. I told the representative over the phone I didn’t want it and she refused to let me return it. I would prefer not to answer questions about why I don’t want it anymore. I would simply like to return it.”
To which they replied:

“Thank you for your shopping WigsBuy.com.
Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the wig of order ######.
Could you kindly send us clear actual photos of the wig you received, the photos are taken in the natural light,so that we can make clear what’s the problem and solve it.
Before you return the wig,hope you can provide the pictures to prove the wig problem.
You can send us the wig pictures in the attachment by e-mail.
You can’t return the wig back without our permission.
Looking forward to your reply.
Any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.
Best wishes”

Last I checked people are allowed to return an item if they are dissatisfied and within the return period.
I then replied: “There isn’t a problem with the wig.
That is why I called to cancel the order BEFORE it was shipped to me.
The rep on the phone then ARGUED with me for ten minutes refusing to refund my money.
I would simply like to return the unopened wig and get my money back please.”
I have yet to receive a reply but it took them days to get back to me and tomorrow is the 7th day of receiving the wig…I am sure that I will then have a battle because I didn’t return it within the 7 day period.
Any advice on how I can report this website as the BBB is only applicable to the US and Canada.
I am overly frustrated and sick or arguing with these people!
I will NEVER shop at wigsbuy.com again!

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