WigsBuy.com aka WigsBuy

WigsBuy is using stolen images to advertise knock-off wigs!

You can’t trust WigsBuy, because an honest business is not stealing product images from other web sites, competitors or manufacturers. In addition the Chinese based WigsBuy.com site is advertising with stolen celebrity & product images, basically pretending that the online shopper gets that style at a great deal.

For example: WigsBuy.com is using Applause by Raquel Welch a premium 100% Human Hair & Lace Front Wig manufactured by HairUWear (US Retail Price = $800.00) and advertises Applause as a synthetic wig for $54.99.

Don't be fooled Applause by Raquel Welch is a knockoff. WigsBuy stole the product image from Raquel Welch & HairUWear

Don’t be fooled @ WigsBuy, the product image “Applause by Raquel Welch” was taken off HairUWear’s website.

HairUWear is  . . .

HairUWear owns the image rights and the Raquel Welch license agreement.

Read: WigsBuy Consumer Complaints

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13 thoughts on “WigsBuy.com aka WigsBuy

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  3. WigsBuy.com – Review by Aufbrezeln Eschaton
    Hand-tied human hair lace-front mono wigs for under $200 when I haven’t seen anything of that description for less than $800? Every single product gets a five-star review? Photographs of wigs that you can find on every single wig sales site on the ‘net (like we’re not supposed to recognize Raquel Welch?) yet the wigs have different names and are listed at anywhere from 1/2 to 1/8 the price? C’mon, China. You can do better than that!

    Source: http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/wigsbuy.com


    • SCAM! stay away from this company!!!!

      SCAM!! Be ware of buying from this company!
      there is absolutely no customer support! the product is not the quality advertised and does not look closely like the pictures.
      if you try to return your awful product an automated email (2 different messages) replies saying they will give you 30$ out of your $300 purchase!
      Horrible product, horrible service, Totally Scammed!!


    • I did not get what I paid for

      I ordered 2 wigs from WigsBuy and when the wigs came it looked absolutely nothing like the wigs advertised on their website. I contacted them and they asked me to send pictures to prove that it is the wrong wigs. After I sent the pictures, they said I should use hairspray to fix the wigs. After countless e-mails and pictures sent they finally sent me the return address. I returned the wigs and I could see from the online tracking that they received them and they refused to refund my money (US$166.00) They are just ignoring my e-mails. Now I am trying to get my back through PayPal.


  4. i ordered from china and marketplace sent me a 28inch extensions and I paid for 34 inch they will not answer phone or respond to email I am going to dispute charge on my visa and prove that this charge was a scam my bank will see in my favor as I pay the fucking bill so ha ha on you Chinese assholes who are starving and live on rice and live a life of no honor I can only hope that the bomb is dropped on these pigs smelly nasty people who are ugly they cannot help it just an ugly race. Nuke them till they glow


  5. I too wish I had come across this site before I started doing business with lacewigsbuy!

    My only issue with them is that I had purchased a unit that I had purchased from there once before with no problems. Once I received it, it had this HORRIFIC odor of bad breath, dirty feet, cheetos and a dirty body. . . I was so disgusted. When I contacted them about it, they didn’t want to credit me or provide a reasonable discount on the next purchase. Trying to communicate with people who do not understand the english language (or at least so they act) is extremely frustrating.

    I had spent thousands of dollars with them and that one issue turned me off from them FOREVER.


  6. CW wigs company from China are a big scam they send you the wrong style want you to pay for the return and they’re going to charge $25 to restock it. They won’t even take responsibility for their mistake, thank God I paid with Paypa they paid for the return shipping and gave me a full refund they took it out of their bank account. In your face CW you’re not getting any of my money today or any other day A**hol*s


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