Reputable Wig Companies


The Best 5 Online Wig Companies in USA

Since so many Chinese online scams are going on all over the United States and Europe , it becomes more and more important to buy from authorized retailers only. Its usually the best advice to stick to established companies with thousand of reviews and happy customers. Here is a short list of the TOP 5 reputable companies in the US:

  1. – The Wig Experts, 23 years online | More Info!
  2., 20 years online | More Info!
  3., 20 years online | More Info!
  4., 15 years online | More Info!
  5., over 10 years online | More Info!

There are many more online wig companies, click here for more information!



2 thoughts on “Reputable Wig Companies

  1. Also PerfeHair is a scam wig look Like they kill dogs
    No lace like in the ad and you don’t know it’s from China until you make payment


  2. Fashon wig is a scam i paid for six wigs only to find out the number, and email was another company’s. I never received my wigs. So now I’m tying to call my bank


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