Chinese rip-off site list | Phone +86-29-82016884 | View wigsbuy consumer complaints | Phone 1-888-320-8188 | No Phone # available | Phone 1-888-969-8881 | No Phone # available | View FairyWigs consumer complains | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | Address: 805A 12th Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska 99703 | Phone 019-6852202 | Phone US 1-888-669-4439 + UK 0-888-134-9887 | Phone 0086-595-28018820 | View wigs800 consumer complaints | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | Phone +852-66382369 | Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District City Xili street high six North Road Lv Chuang Yun Gu Building 308-310 | CHINA | No Phone # available | View consumer complain

If you have experienced being ripped-off by one of the many Chinese sites on the internet posing as legit U.S., Canadian or UK sites… please let us know! Post your experience and help others.

169 thoughts on “Chinese rip-off site list

  1. I brought 3 wigs from Acgrab,it took three weeks,they were not lace,they were partial finished and non human hair.I contacted them numerous times.They responded a month later,ask me to send a picture, I did ,That was three months ago,I was scammed, please don’t purchase from Acgrab.


  2. Perferhair shop has changed their name to beauty wigs and I bought a wig from them claiming to be human hair and It ended up being synthetic and no baby hair. It was complete trash. Complete waste of my money


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