Chinese rip-off site list | Phone +86-29-82016884 | View wigsbuy consumer complaints | Phone 1-888-320-8188 | No Phone # available | Phone 1-888-969-8881 | No Phone # available | View FairyWigs consumer complains | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | Address: 805A 12th Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska 99703 | Phone 019-6852202 | Phone US 1-888-669-4439 + UK 0-888-134-9887 | Phone 0086-595-28018820 | View wigs800 consumer complaints | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | Phone +852-66382369 | Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District City Xili street high six North Road Lv Chuang Yun Gu Building 308-310 | CHINA | No Phone # available | View consumer complain

If you have experienced being ripped-off by one of the many Chinese sites on the internet posing as legit U.S., Canadian or UK sites… please let us know! Post your experience and help others.

180 thoughts on “Chinese rip-off site list

  1. I brought 3 wigs from Acgrab,it took three weeks,they were not lace,they were partial finished and non human hair.I contacted them numerous times.They responded a month later,ask me to send a picture, I did ,That was three months ago,I was scammed, please don’t purchase from Acgrab.


  2. Perferhair shop has changed their name to beauty wigs and I bought a wig from them claiming to be human hair and It ended up being synthetic and no baby hair. It was complete trash. Complete waste of my money


  3. I bought a 360 pre-plucked lace wig from “Goodeal” but i got a damn Halloween wig because this had to be a joke it literally fell apart as soon as i took it out of the Ziploc bag it shed everywhere couldn’t even run my hand through it let alone a brush or comb, the hair is literally hanging off the cap & the phone # is fake which lead me to this site


  4. I ordered a laser descaler and phone number doesn’t go through never got it can’t get ahold of nobody email them definitely a scam lost my money not happy at all about it , it was supposed to be coming from the UK the name of the website was CCs Own hunt


  5. ShowStop should be added to list. Purported to be out of England they are actually Chinese. One of their contact numbers us also used with PerfeHair.Shop on your list. ShowShops latest scam is the selling of the All Metal 3d All In One Printer. They have taken $59.98 each from a number of US citizens purporting to sell this product. You place order, make payment before order goes through. You don’t receive anything from them confirming or acknowledging order. They don’t answer emails, dont honor requests for refund, and when you call their number all you get is a voice message in Chinese that ends by saying in English that the person called has number turned off. All information on this scam is as follows:

    Qandies Limited
    2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE 13 6EE
    Phone Number: 852-66382369


  6. I ordered from wigs buy,on my birthday with which was Dec.15, it’s now almost a week ago,I haven’t received any type of confirmation,from them.but my money was taken from my account as soon I as ordered. I’m so hurt that I waste some of my birthday money on these theives!!!


    • Yes it’s terrible you will receive a hair peace but there very low quality it’s best to stick with genuine company’s like Valentines wigs simply wigs MiMo wigs more expensive but the real article x


  7. I haven’t been a victim of the above sites, but I have been scammed by a site titled I ordered 3 items from their site via Instagram. Unfortunately, I did not do my research first on the company, but was really excited that they were selling wigs at such a low price. I should have known that it was too good to be true. I ordered the wigs, then went back on IG to check out their page and noticed under their pictures that a few ppl stated that it was a scam. I researched the company and noticed that there was very limited amount of information on the company. I hurried and tried to cancel the order. Unfortunately, there was only an email provided on the site as contact info. I sent an email asking to cancel the order. Two days later, I received a confirmation stating that the item has shipped and is on the way. I emailed again stating that this order was canceled a few days ago. Weeks passed and I haven’t heard anything else back from the company. I contacted paypal explaining my situation, since I chose to pay with my paypal account. I opened a claim and paypal denied it stating that since it was authorized, they’re unable to do anything about it. Now, I’m out of money and never received my order from this fake company.


  8. I was scammed by Bella from (Shy Luxe Hair) who sold me 9A hair for $275 but shipped 6A and worst part I sent money by western union and lost all my money 😢😢😢 Shy Wigs have a bogus refund policy that the company will not honor. It’s very sad coz I tried writing many messages with no luck.

    Don’t buy from Bella nor send money to anyone from Shy Wigs you will not get the product you ordered no matter how many times you specify – you’re going to be scammed!


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