Chinese rip-off site list | Phone +86-29-82016884 | View wigsbuy consumer complaints | Phone 1-888-320-8188 | No Phone # available | Phone 1-888-969-8881 | No Phone # available | View FairyWigs consumer complains | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | Address: 805A 12th Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska 99703 | Phone 019-6852202 | Phone US 1-888-669-4439 + UK 0-888-134-9887 | Phone 0086-595-28018820 | View wigs800 consumer complaints | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | No Phone # available | Phone +852-66382369 | Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District City Xili street high six North Road Lv Chuang Yun Gu Building 308-310 | CHINA | No Phone # available | View consumer complain

If you have experienced being ripped-off by one of the many Chinese sites on the internet posing as legit U.S., Canadian or UK sites… please let us know! Post your experience and help others.

112 thoughts on “Chinese rip-off site list

    Received a tracking number but no shipping information for that tracking number.. ly083396278cn

    Phone Number: 852-66382369

    BTREE Limited

    Shenzhen Nanshan District City Xili street high six North Road Lv Chuang Yun Gu Building 308-310

    Shenzhen Hong Extension Business Technology Co., Ltd.


    • I order on 4/14/2018 just received a tracking number 2 days ago and the tracking number show no information on shipping I email a week straight no reply


      • O dear I hope you get your hair ok and it’s nice. I had the same problem with another company but git a refund from Barclays I was very lucky


    • I ordered on 7. 1 18 received tracking number and nothing else I hope no one else falls pray to this SCAM we’re always so quick to say it can’t happen to me until it does


  2. I order 2 wigs from Trendy hair who happens to share the same phone # and address as 852-66382369 I ordered back on April 9th 2018. And still have not received anything and there is no shipping record found.


  3. People pay for real humans wig hair the one your show in your page.but you seller send e very bad synthetic wig to buyer did you do the same too ? Am I going to received a synthetic bad strength lace wig with baby hair???


  4. Just recieved my wig from ACGRAB. I ordered a glamorous lace frontal wig 20″ straight dark brown.
    What i recieved was a cheap, tacky red wig that shed so much just picking it up. This wig is the worst ive seen and im chasing them for a refund. They dont reply to emails so i will probably go through Paypal to get my money back


    • Yes it’s the best way. They will pay up then as they don’t want a mark next to there account . Can’t understand how they keep getting away with it they must make thousands for nothing can’t understand why there not shut down crazy


    • I purchased 3 wigs from the same site 2 straight 1 curly!!!! Garbage soon as I picked up the hair they shedding started immediately very poorly made!! No lace No bands, No combs!!! I wish I could go there today I promise on everything I woul catch a charge rediculous how they are able to get away with misleading us here in the USA !!! Buyer Beware!!!


  5. Please beware of this company once the complaints start they open under another website/Angie check their company and their website!! All the contact information is the same 🤔, their a scam research this company the the young lady’s face used is to lure you in this company is not in the country, you will have a fight on your hands getting your money back, read the reviews on google; Complaint Review: – Hemel Hempstead,Herts Buckinghamshire
    Submitted: Thu, June 07, 2018 Updated: Thu, June 07, 2018 Reported By: Rhonda — Pittsburgh United States
    20H, 39 Mark Road
    Hemel Hempstead,Herts, Buckinghamshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 00852-66160781
    Category: WIGS


  6. Acgrab is another wig site RIP off. Was supposed to get lace front wig. They sent one that has no lace front that was very very poor quality. Nothing like the picture I saw on their supposedly website. Had address in UK but address on package was from China.


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