WigSIS.com – Scam Alert!

Beware of false Advertisement: Wigsis is misleading US customers by luring them in with stolen product images from major name brands and leading wig companies like Jon Renau, Ellen Wille, Noriko and many others. This Chinese wig web site is fraud. Read post below from Complaints Board  & Site Jabber


Posted: Nov 22, 2016 by   Joys

This site is nothing but scam

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United States


Purchased a wig from this site and the one I received was terrible and quality was very poor. I contacted them and said that I want to return it and get a refund and they agreed. They gave me a return address and I shipped it back at my own expense. About two weeks later when they received the wig they contacted me and said that it was damaged and they will not refund me!! They said that if I wanted to get the wig back I needed to pay the shipping fee! This site is nothing but scam, stay away!!

I wish I had searched deeper for reviews before I dealt with this company. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to spend a bit more on something the guarantee would fit me like a glove. The wig I ordered cost $274 and was nothing I MEAN NOTHING like what I ordered. I paid through PayPal also and they were no help. Seems they’re in on it. I could not believe the way I was treated by both of them. I don’t know what kind of hair it was but it may as well been rat hair. It was awful, so awful and they would not refund my money unless I mailed it to China which would have cost almost $200 on their site it says it’s all done in the U.S. and any issue would be dealt with through there.. Please ladies stay far away from them and if you wind up in my situation please report them through the better business bureau and the consumer fraud dept through the attorney general’s office. The pain and suffering they’ve caused so many woman we need a class action suit!!!!! Content found on SiteJabber.com

Here is WigSis.com latest US location according to their web site: Miss Vivian, 805A 12th Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99703 (Alaska, United States), we used google maps to locate the address and see what we found:


5 thoughts on “WigSIS.com – Scam Alert!

  1. I wish I would have done my online research first. This company is truly taking people’s money and failing to provide them with the goods or services that the customer has paid for. We bought a $242 wig. When it arrived we immediately noticed the wig was NOTHING like the description nor was it human hair. It was some cheap synthetic costume substitute. We carefully followed the return policies clearly posted on their website. We have spent nearly a month emailing daily to “Celia” in their customer service department. “She” has refused to give us a full refund stating that the wig was crafted as a special order just for us and they have a lot of money, time and effort invested in it. We have so far received a 10% refund credited back to our bank account, a promise for a 15% discount on our next order (I don’t think so) and we get to keep the sorry fake pelt which was delivered to us on Oct 26. I have begged, pleaded, and demanded a refund with no success. Just further sob stories about how hard they worked to make the wig and how much they have invested in it. I will find every review site I can and post our experience with this pathetic business and report them to any agency I can find that deals with internet fraud. I’m also looking into a class action suit as our experience is clearly not the only one of its kind. WigSis has stolen from people in the US, UK and Australia for sure and I’m still trying to find others. Although the total this company has stolen from us doesn’t amount to that much, there are too many victims from this kind of fraud from this company. And this is not their first run. Dig a little and you’ll find this company works their scam under a name for a while then closes down only to reopen again under another name. DONT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS.


  2. I also contacted them because i was very eager to buy this wig, they advertised this wig I wanted as Remy Hair, so I sent them an email to inquiry about it. After reading their reply, the English was worded totally suspect, and I asked for a customer service contact phone number and I questioned it which prompted me to look them up, which lead me to this SCAM ALERT!
    I hate people like this and they need to be put on BLAST!


  3. I as also scammed by this so called wig company WIGSIS. I have been dealing with Celia. I ordered a
    very short Boy Cut Wig. The one I received had 3 times the hair as the advertised photo. It cost $142.00. I am marking this “Very Stupid” on my part!!! UGH…BUY in the USA only!
    These crooks need to be stopped.


  4. They send me a completely different wig than the picture in the wrong color!!!! Very poor quality!!
    Waited over 2 months to receive this wig.
    Emailed them same day I received wig. They said they can’t please everyone and don’t honor return policy!!!!
    I’m furious and don’t know how they get away with it. These legalalized theives should not be allowed to sell to the U.S!!!!!


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