Kami Wigs Reviews | 5 Fake Kami 003 Reviews

KAMI 003 Short Straight Wig for White Women Affordable Pixie Spiky Razored-Top Blonde Hair, posts 5 Fake 5 STAR Reviews. Not only stole Kami Wigs all product images from Noriko’s best seller “IVY“, it also copied 5 top reviews from legit wig shopping sites and created a misleading URL https://kamiwigs.com/products/kami-003-ivy-wig-by-noriko to make customers believe they are shopping Ivy by Noriko and not the cheap Chinese version KAMI 003. Sad but true, Kami Wigs is a SCAM.


Please share your shopping experience @ KamiWigs.com and make a difference . .  .




3 thoughts on “Kami Wigs Reviews | 5 Fake Kami 003 Reviews

  1. How can we fight back on these scamming wig retailers? Evidently KamiWigs has been ripping people off for a long time, but they’re still in business. They shouldn’t be allowed to do business in the USA. I’m
    contacting the BBB in DC about this and encourage everyone else who has been ripped off by these unscrupulous people to do the same.


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