DO NOT BUY from PerfeHair!!!

This company has been ripping people off by falsely advertising wigs.
They are posting videos that they’ve taken from YouTube that are reviews of wigs from other hair companies!!!

Company Ripping People Off: Perfehair, WeWigs, etc

Watch YouTube video why not to but from PerfeHair.Shop Watch why NOT to buy from PerfeHair


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Post by Alishua Chapman

PerfeHair – Another Scam Site

This is a Perfehair wig review. ( apparently they also operate under several different names. We wigs, life wigs and MyBestWig). After receiving this hair, I thought I really needed to do a review. This wig is from a China, not a UK based company. This company claims to be selling human hair and wigs at a bargain price. I would advise anyone to watch my review first before making any purchase. I was given an update that this company also operates under the name we wigs, sigh! They must have a target to become millionaires by Christmas because they are working extremely hard coning people.
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Please share your experience with PerfeHair and help others to prevent being scammed.