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KAMI 003 Short Straight Wig for White Women Affordable Pixie Spiky Razored-Top Blonde Hair, posts 5 Fake 5 STAR Reviews. Not only stole Kami Wigs all product images from Noriko’s best seller “IVY“, it also copied 5 top reviews from legit wig shopping sites and created a misleading URL https://kamiwigs.com/products/kami-003-ivy-wig-by-noriko to make customers believe they are shopping Ivy by Noriko and not the cheap Chinese version KAMI 003. Sad but true, Kami Wigs is a SCAM.


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Kami Wigs has NO SHAME


KAMI 081 is a cheap knock-off wig named Spring-Hi by Ellen Wille, this top selling short pixie wig is one of Ellen’s best short wigs, extremely natural and high European quality. KamiWigs the king of short cuts, stole all product images from legit wig shopping sites and pretends to sell this short top seller for $48.98 with 10 fake 4 STAR reviews. Quiz: What are the  Chinese best at? Please post your answer, and make a difference!


Ayla Smith | 1 star: Bad | Updated Mar 4, 2020

Do not trust this company!! Every review is spot on – exactly what happened to my mother. Two wigs were ordered and both the color and length was incorrect on both wigs. Company sends email saying they cant give a refund but will honor a discount?! We don’t want the random wigs they sent. This would be no different than ordering a size Small Skirt and receiving a size 5XL pair of pants in the mail – Useless! All we requested was for them to send us a prepaid shipping label so we could return the wigs that we DID NOT order or want and for them to send the correct wigs since this was a mistake on their end. They will not send the correct wigs or honor a refund!! Its the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen or heard of.. I own an e-commerce site and if I messed up an order than I would take full responsibility, I’m still waiting for a response via email but have not heard back from anyone. If anything changes and they do the right thing and respond back and honor the refund, then I will retract my review.

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KamiWigs stole Raquel Welch’s Top Short Wig Image “Voltage”

kami-wigs-scam-voltage-raquel-welchAnother KamiWigs scam, the web site is pretending to sell Raquel Welch’s No. 1 Short Wig Style “Voltage” aka “KAMI 087 Hair Wigs Short Curly Layered Feminine Fluffy Wig with Bangs”. In their false advertisement Kami Wigs copied 23 5 STAR reviews from authorized US wig retailers, and ripped off Raquel’s Voltage images. Amazing that this Chinese e-commerce site thinks its okay to conduct business that way.

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PJ Ekdom |1 star: Bad | 6 days ago

Do not order from Kami Wigs!!! I think this is a scam. They send wrong wig and then will not refund your money. They offer for you to keep the wrong wig and they will give a partial credit. I told them I wanted the correct wig or a full refund. They said they did not have the correct wig and did the whole keep-the-wig partial credit scam. Please do not send money to this company. You will not get it back.

Joyce M. | 1 star: Bad | Mar 8, 2020

I did not write this comment below the Chinese company did. It is all lies they are scam artists and liars. took over 30 days to receive the wig, it was the wrong color so poorly made it was just ugly!! I emailed them to get a refund they wouldn’t give me my full refund. I can’t do anything about it because it a Chinese company. I posted this on Facebook too. It’s so sad that there are so many people who are willing to cheat and lie to make a buck!!
Joyce M.
this is first time i buy hair from this store and i love the hair shipping took exactly 2weeks will add more photos later

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