How to Recognize a Chinese Wig Scam Website?

  1. There are hundreds of wigs to choose from but not a single brand name, even on sites which claim to sell brand name wigs.
  2. There’s no contact address or phone number. You may find an address in mainland China or Hong Kong hidden somewhere on the site.
  3. Poor English, particularly in short sentences, and standard English, used in longer reviews and on whole pages. That’s because the latter have been from reputable wig sites
  4. If you save an image and use Google Image Search you’ll probably find that the photo shows a wig manufactured by a reputable company. Product model images are stolen frequently from name brands like Ellen Wille, Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Gabor, Noriko and others.
  5. Shop only authorized web site for name brand wigs. See authorized retailer list!

Scam using Paypal : KAMI WIGS


28 Bad Kami Wigs Reviews, see below

  • diane 05/27/2019 at 06:41 PM

    I had the same experiance!! Do NOT buy from them


  • kate 07/02/2019 at 06:30 PM

    I wish I would have seen this earlier!


  • MARILYN 07/10/2019 at 06:58 PM



  • Chucki 07/13/2019 at 06:48 PM

    EXACTLY the same thing happened to me, then I got a nonsense message from them saying that I had refused to send them a picture.

    Click here to read more about KamiWigs! Read more and other posts. – Scam or Legit? Be aware to check before you buy at Wig Kiss

A NEW wig site called WigKiss launched in the United States of America. Looks like so many other Chinese knock-off sites. At first glance ripped-off images from Celebrities like Jan Fonda, Heather Locklear,  Halle Berry and many more. is using stolen images for false adverting, for example they stole Dolce by Noriko Wigs. DESCRIPTION: Dolce by Noriko is a fun short style with soft large barrel curls and texture galore! HIGHLIGHTS: – Standard cap – Average cap size with . . ., see WigKiss product page below:


Please make a difference and share your experience with Wig Kiss! Wig Kiss is using Google shopping and Goggle AdWords to lure customers in with false product images from legit online shopping sites and celebrities.

wigkiss_on_google_shopping_stolen_product_images Ripping Off Raquel Welch’s No. 1 Wig Upstage for $34.95


KamiWigs stole images from Raquel Welch’s line of wigs at HairUWear’s web site and and offers a cheap knockoff for only USD 34.95. Upstage is Raquel’s number 1 synthetic short bob wig, a top seller which retails for $403.99 on most online sites. Chinese wig site have no honor and think fooling customers in the US in okay. Please post your experience with to help others NOT to make the same mistake.

62 BAD Customer Reviews on Trust Pilot, read more . .  .

24 Kami Customer Reviews on BBB Better Business Bureau website

Also see how Kami Wigs abuses Google Shopping . . .



Ciciwigs – 249 Reviews with only 1 STAR


I wish I could give them no star (if that was an option). I ordered a black Friday special for 3 wigs. What I received was not represented in the picture. The color, length, texture, and depth were all LIES. Total SCAM! And, yes Happy Halloween!

Posted by Dana @ CICIWIGS.COM – Trust Pilot Reviews


CiCi wigs is a HUGE scam
I ordered two wigs from them on black Friday. First of all, I didn’t get it until a month later during which I tried calling to ask about the items I purchased and it kept going to an automated system and the call just ends. I couldn’t track the items. When it finally came, it was the most horrible wigs I have ever seen and the lengths were wrong. It was just horrible quality. I sent them several emails letting them know my issue and asked for a refund. I got one email response giving me a long list of info I needed to provide them before they would possibly consider my refund request. I responded and included all the information they requested (which if they were a legit company they would already have all this information in the first place). Still NO response from them till now. Please don’t waste your money. I believe it’s a scam from China because when I called the automated response I received was in mandarin. I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB so other people don’t keep buying from them and lose their hard earned money.

Posted by Rachael @ CICIWIGS.COM – Trust Pilot Reviews


I would never order from this website ever again. I was sent 3 wigs that were supposed to be lace fronts and none of them were. When I contacted them about it the offered a like 3 dollar refund or for me to pay for the return shipping to get a full refund mind you it was supposed to be a Christmas gift so I said I’ll take the refund and nothing. No one is responding to my emails and it’s been like a month. I highly recommend that no one buy from this company.

Posted by Nefretiri Williams @ CICIWIGS.COM – Trust Pilot Reviews


Please make a difference and let us know your experience with Before you buy wigs please make sure that the company is legit or a scam. More on WigScamAlert see US Authorized Online Wig Retailers. Complaints |BBB is here to help. We’ll guide you through the process.

I ordered a wig on October 2. I received the wig on October 8. I got the wig and it was a mess and nothing like the picture. I sent an email to them for a return. They asked me to send pictures of it, which I did. They will not refund my money. They keep trying to exchange it for another wig, but I do not want another wig from them since I did not like the first one. Please read more @

63 complains about Wigsis at Better Business Bureau web site. 245 Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Wigsis – Horrible Wigs

I made a huge mistake buy ordering wigs from them and then reading the longgg list of terrible reviews. Bombarded them with e-mails to cancel my order and was told they were already being made, so could not cancel.


When they came. they were sooo horrible looking. Not real hair. not even synthetic.

I’ve seen better hair on a $5.00 baby doll. Threw them in the trash rather than go threw the stress of dealing with that SCAM company. I learned a big lesson from this. If you want to keep your money.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!! they say this message needs to be longer,so I’ll just say They are a scam.

fraud, and I don’t know why they are still in business. That SMILEY FACE at the bottom is not from me.

Review about: Wigsis Wig.

Reason of review: They ripped me off.

SOURCE: Pissed Consumer


Reputable Wig Companies


The Best 5 Online Wig Companies in USA

Since so many Chinese online scams are going on all over the United States and Europe , it becomes more and more important to buy from authorized retailers only. Its usually the best advice to stick to established companies with thousand of reviews and happy customers. Here is a short list of the TOP 5 reputable companies in the US:

  1. – The Wig Experts, 23 years online | More Info!
  2., 20 years online | More Info!
  3., 20 years online | More Info!
  4., 15 years online | More Info!
  5., over 10 years online | More Info!

There are many more online wig companies, click here for more information!