WigKiss.com – Scam or Legit? Be aware to check before you buy at Wig Kiss

A NEW wig site called WigKiss launched in the United States of America. Looks like so many other Chinese knock-off sites. At first glance ripped-off images from Celebrities like Jan Fonda, Heather Locklear,  Halle Berry and many more.

WigKiss.com is using stolen images for false adverting, for example they stole Dolce by Noriko Wigs. DESCRIPTION: Dolce by Noriko is a fun short style with soft large barrel curls and texture galore! HIGHLIGHTS: – Standard cap – Average cap size with . . ., see WigKiss product page below:


Please make a difference and share your experience with Wig Kiss! Wig Kiss is using Google shopping and Goggle AdWords to lure customers in with false product images from legit online shopping sites and celebrities.


One thought on “WigKiss.com – Scam or Legit? Be aware to check before you buy at Wig Kiss

  1. I ordered a wig from Wigsdo and they took about 4 weeks to delivered. I had to contact PayPal and as soon as I did I received my wig. It was the ugliest color and texture I have ever received. They would not accept returns nor give any credit. Dont buy from this company. Their wigs are junk. I think at one time they were called another name.


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