It seems the Chinese Knock-off epidemic has hit the wig industry.  For years now the knock off sites have been taking consumers for a ride in the fashion industry and there is little anyone can do about it.  Fake products marketed as the original at deep discounts.  Only to find out you don’t even get what you pay for.  This has been happening on websites throughout the US and the list of scammed consumers continues to grow!  Because these Scam Sites originate in China, there is little anyone in the US can do to stop them.  They are sometimes hard to spot (unless you pay close attention to the grammar;)

Now the wig industry has been taken by storm by these Chinese manufacturers of low quality copies of the name brands US customers have grown to trust and love.  It is a rip off of a different kind as many of these customers are ordering wigs because they have to wear them.  Desperate in some cases, women who need wigs just to leave their home get scammed and stuck holding an empty bag.  So many are drawn in by the images they are familiar with which make you think it is the same wigs and hair extensions you have been buying.  Others get dazzled by the image they see which can easily lead one to believe they are getting a gorgeous high end look for a fraction of the cost.  Too good to be true… usually is!

So how do you figure out the good guys from the bad guys?   It is best to go with a reputable company which you KNOW has been around a long time.  They have established businesses and can be held accountable by US FTC.  Make sure you see a contact number and valid address in the united states before you do business with a new company if you want to take a chance on somewhere new.

One way to tell you are dealing with a Scam Site is if you see images of Celebrities advertised as the wig images.  Of course those images are not even of wigs… they are simply trying to lead you to believe you will get a wig just like this celebrity’s style.   Not going to happen.

You pay… they SOMETIMES send you a product… or you get it and it is NOT what you thought you were buying and… very low quality.  None of these sites give you recourse.  Good luck trying to get your money back!  All of these sites have 100% fake inventory and are not selling you anything of quality or brand names at all! Now you are left to fight the credit card company for your money back and since the product has been sent… you are usually out of luck.

The worst part of all this is the terrible experience so many first time wig wearers will have.  Many will just throw in the towel right there and stay stuck with an inferior wig and wear something which doesn’t look or feel like it should.  This affects confidence and we all know confidence is key in looking good.

If you are reading this, it is likely you have already been taken by some of these sites (wigsbuy.com, wigsis.com, rosegal.com, wigsfly.com, nextwigs.com… see entire list) which  are currently the worst offenders taking millions of dollars from US customers for wigs they will never see or never be able to fully enjoy.  It is time to post your experience with these and protect yourself from them in the future.  More importantly… help others before they get scammed too.

Scam Alert | WigsBuy.com

Please read entire Scam Alert post before you buy from WigsBuy.com

Know who you are buying from. 

It is important to go with a reputable site.  These larger sites can be trusted as they are established and have legitimate products.   Look for a phone number in the US and don’t get drawn in by deep discounts which are not simply clearance of a small quantity of inventory.

(please see the list of authorized SAFE SITES to shop for wigs and hairpieces)

One thought on “WARNING ….WAR ON WIG WEARERS !

  1. I ordered wig, it was $79 .50 it was promised to be delivered within 3 weeks, 4 weeks later and no wig, I emailed to see what was happening, and was surprised when I got a reply.
    She said they were working so hard to make this beautiful wig to make me happy !!!! it would arrive in another week.
    It eventually arrived, and I was absolutely shocked, it was NOTHING like the wig I ordered, not is style or colour.
    I had taken a picture of the original wig online..Soft waves and curls, in a blonde streaked colour.
    I recieved a brown scruffy, cheap straight wig, couldn’t have been less like the wig I had ordered..looked like a joke wig from the $2 shop, I could have worn it for Halloween !!!
    I emailed within 30 mins of receiving it.
    I was told that I should check what the postage would cost to send it back, as it will be expensive, plus they had paid DHL extra for express post and I would have to pay that back as well !!!!! …I had not requested express post , and the wig took a few weeks longer than originally promised !!! I wonder now, if I hadn’t written, whether I would have received the wig at all..
    I was offered $25 to keep the wig, I refused, and told them it was a joke…

    I was one of the lucky ones, I bought my wig with PAYPAL, they took over the complaint and got my money back and covered the postage, I would never buy from overseas or Australia with out their support, and this proves it.
    WIGS BUY are rubbish,they are a con, they do not supply what they promise, and yes they make you think that the celebrities in the photos are backing them, they have nothing to do with them….

    Take a tip DONT BUY FROM “WIGS BUY” or SAMMY DRESS, they are another shonk supplier……


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