wigsbuy.com has no affiliation with Raquel Welch Wigs, but they made it look like it . . .

Be careful and read consumer reviews before you buy.

Rene D. about WigsBuy

This is one of the worst sites I have ever been to. It is all a shell game. They make the wigs which have nothing to do with how they look. I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON 3 WIGS. Only one I might be able to use.The wigs were too small. THIS SITE HAD NO AFFILIATION WITH Raquel Welch Wigs but it made it looked like it did. I realized when they came in plain plastic bags no name on them…Wigsbuy is basically a fake site it is run from China you can not get anyone on the phone. I called the phone number which is in Xian China…I am so upset with myself for not recognizing it..please heed what I am sharing.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy a wig from a site that is off shore in China and checkout they have no name brand wigs it is disguised like they do… they use pictures of actresses implying the wigs will look like that.  See list of authorized US wig e-tailers.

Source: SiteJabber.com

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One thought on “wigsbuy.com has no affiliation with Raquel Welch Wigs, but they made it look like it . . .

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