KamiWigs ripped-off Megan by Noriko Wigs



KamiWigs uses Goggle shopping to ripp-off US Wig Buyers. With false promises Kami Wigs uses legit product images like Megan by Noriko and pretens to sell this item “knock-off” for only $34.95.

Please be aware that KamiWigs takes advantage with false reviews of online wig shoppers. See what real customers have to say about KamiWigs.com, click here to read 63 bad reviews!


8 thoughts on “KamiWigs ripped-off Megan by Noriko Wigs

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  2. So glad I found this post. I have been scammed by what I thought was a reputable company.. Good lesson. One cannot be too careful.
    Again thank you for your post!


  3. So glad I found this post. I have been scammed by what I thought was a reputable company.. Good lesson. One cannot be too careful.
    Again thank you for your post!
    Be advised that I have not posted this before!!!!!!!


  4. SCAM | Like everyone’s comments I have read this definitely is a scam. I ordered a what was supposed to have been a name brand wig ,Jaqueline Smith it was all different lengths and a matted mess. Wrong color wrong wig.
    Re-Posted for Nancy Doll (Nanc)


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  6. This also happened to me I did not realize I was ordering from companies based in China until I got them from Wigsis and wigsbuy. Learned that this is a total scam, they use pictures from reputable websites and you order not realizing it’s based in China then you receive a wig a couple months later that looks nothing like what you order in style nor color. Of course you cannot contact them except through Email One company didn’t respond at all the other did the same with me, wanting me to pay more money and get a discount on another wig and keep the wig I got like I would waste more money and trust them to send the correct one. I finally went through my Credit card company Discover and filed dispute and won so now they want me to send wig back at my expense I told them to send prepaid label and I will send it back but I’m not spending my money on postage that was NOT what I ordered


  7. I was also duped! The wig I received was very small. It did not even cover my hairline no matter how hard I tried. It did not look like the picture of the wig. I sent 2 emails asking for return instructions. I never got a response & there was not a phone number. I had purchased through PayPal so I filed a dispute. They got a response from Kami wig directing me to send wig back & then they would refund. I paid $17 to mail it back to China & sent Kami Wig my postage receipt & declaration of customs.. 2 months later PayPal said that they were favoring seller because I never sent tracking info. I then found out that you can’t track outside of USA. I will never buy from China & I won’t use PayPal!


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