Wigsbuy – Review

Posted by Decherd, Tennesse

Shipping took forever, hair look pretty out the box but co-washed lot of dye and it was not all human hair, I guess because I co-eased the hair it never returned to the soft style. When trying to curl the hair it had a horrible smell and never curled looked like a rag doll after two days

When you try to write a review on the site if it does not have a certain amount of stars it will erase. There is nothing like she said, the construction of the whole thing was terrible. The amount of lace was not as she said shipping took forever as if she was specially making it.

Never again $171.00 with shipping and it was horrible. Sale prices are fake they up the price and say 90% discount and the hair is not close to being worth that price. Wigsbuy is a fraud!


4 thoughts on “Wigsbuy – Review

  1. I ordered clip in 100% human hair extensions.The white skinned (like me) hair model had practically the same smooth, big kind of exact curl as me.

    I received what can only be described as rough, kinky, horse hair. It’s BAD. First it took them almost TWO months to respond, then despite sending photos comparing the advertisement, my real hair and the crappy extensions, they refuse to refund. My sister friends LAUGH at wigsbuy suggesting the product sent matches the advertisement.

    So much for the 100% guarantee.


  2. I just ordered a wig from this company, and I am afraid it was a mistake since I didn’t read the reviews first. It’s been almost 10 days, and I haven’t received a shipping notice yet. I paid with PayPal and I hope it’s not a scam.


    • It is a Scam! If they do send your wig it will look nothing like the pictures they advertise. Myself and thousands of other customers had terrible experiences with WigsBuy. I urge you to cancel you order or file a dispute with PayPal. It was how I was able to get my money back from them. It is fortunate you payed via PayPal. Good luck


  3. AVOID WIGSBUY. Scam! Scam! I ordered 2 wigs from WigsBuy and when the wigs came it looked absolutely nothing like the wigs advertised on their site. I contacted them and they asked me to send pictures to prove that it is the wrong wigs. After I sent the pictures, they said I should use hairspray to fix the wigs. After countless e-mails and pictures sent they finally sent me the return address. I returned the wigs and I could see from the online tracking that they received them and they refused to refund my money (US$166.00) They are just ignoring my e-mails. Now I am trying to get my back through PayPal.


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