WigsBuy is using stolen photos to advertise knock-off wigs!

WigsBuy.com is using stolen celebrity & name brand product images to advertise knock-off wigs!
For example: WigsBuy.com is using Applause by Raquel Welch a premium 100% Human Hair & Lace Front Wig manufactured by HairUWear (US Retail Price = $800 without discount) and advertises Applause as one of their low quality synthetic wig for $54.99. What a scam!Don't be fooled Applause by Raquel Welch is a knockoff. WigsBuy stole the product image from Raquel Welch & HairUWearHairUWear is  . . .Read more

Find out what Rene D. (a former wigsbuy customer) has to say!

Looking for an authorized Raquel Welch Wigs retailer, click here.

6 thoughts on “WigsBuy is using stolen photos to advertise knock-off wigs!

  1. I wish I would have read this site prior to buying a wig. I bought a wig from WigsBuy.com and once received, it did not resemble that which I thought I was purchasing. I emailed the company and they requested that I email them a picture. I emailed them three pictures, one with the advertisement and the picture of the wig I received next to each other; which was a clear example of the differences.
    The company replied and told me to take some hair spray and fix the wig to make it beautiful. They basically refused to provide address so I can send back the wig for a full refund or an exchange for the right styled wig.


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  3. Almost all the wigs on Amazon are being sold by people who do this & Amazon does absolutely nothing about it either. They should at least be shut down for copyright infringement. They clearly remove watermarks & it’s very very easy to spot, yet Amazon doesn’t care. There has to be some sort of recourse for consumers.

    If you see this, report it as a scam to your governmental official organizations for consumer protection or any organization that deals with scams! Don’t let them get away with it.


  4. Here is Wigsmart.co.uk address:

    Room C-606, 3rd Building, Fengle Shiji Gongyu, No. 499, Changjiang West Road, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
    T: 0551-65136733
    Zip Code: 230031

    I won’t be purchasing from them again. Took FOUR requests to get the address and then £15 for me to return package. Waiting on refund. Not happy ☹️


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