WigsBuy.com – Consumer Complaint | Wigs – Scam Alert!

I did not find a review warning people from this company, so I decided to post one on YouTube. WigsBuy.com takes months to send wigs; wigs are not what you ordered, and are not the Remi hair as advertised but cheap synthetic hair. Please watch my video!

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2 thoughts on “WigsBuy.com – Consumer Complaint | Wigs – Scam Alert!

  1. We are so happy this site has gone up to alert the public. We are also victim of these sites as they are stealing our images and hard work to bring additional photos of our wigs to our clients. We get so many calls from clients who were fooled by these Chinese scam sites.
    Thank you!


  2. Another wig scam is Aliciawig please do not buy from them. The wigs appears like dolls hair and not to be used by humans. You have been warned . I have just been conned spending almost a hundred dollars. Alicia wig is a scam too.


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