Beware of Chinese rip-off sites. Wigs – Scam Alert | Find out what’s going on!

Wig consumers are being swindled by fraudulent online sites. See complaints from customers just like you who are simply trying to buy good quality products.   Chinese ecommerce sites are advertising in the United States, Canada and Europe, luring customers with nice looking web sites /images and great prices for Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic and Lace Front wigs. Their online prices are unbelievably low because they are selling cheaply made knock-offs or not sending the product at all!   Be careful not to fall prey to:

  • False advertising.  They use stolen celebrity photos and/or wig photos from legitimate & established manufactures sites to advertise. It is called bait and switch technique.
  • Poor quality products as these wigs are poorly made knockoffs.
  • No resolution or recourse after you have been fooled. “They tell you what a great price you got and how it was made just for your order” but will not allow you to return or exchange. In many customer cases they did not send the product at all. You have no US phone contact or location to resolve your matter in most cases.  View Chinese rip-off web site list.

To avoid being a victim of fraud when buying wigs online, you may want to checkout who’s trusted & authorized to sell name brand wigs in the US.  View authorized retailer list.

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