4 thoughts on “I GOT SCAMMED! Beware of WigSIS!

  1. I ordered twice . July 28th and August 1st. I paid $252 and $367 through Paypal. Never received anything. Been emailing back and forth with Molly. Said I needed a refund and said I could only get 30%. I found out today it was a scam.


  2. Luna wigs is a definitely a scam. I ordered four wigs and each one was horrible. None of the wigs were even close to what I ordered. They were more of a rug texture than hair. I would not wear these things out of my house for any reason. They state that you can return and get money back, but upon investigating further it states “if” they determine you should get your money back. I am so through with them.


    • I Was ripped off last summer just like you were. I ordered several wigs and when I threatened them with a law suit, they sent me terrible looking wigs. It is a big hoax on the internet.
      Judy Barker


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